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Digital marketing is a mode of marketing to sell any product, to promote any company or to make any celebrity reach millions of people in a one go on the internet. Digital Marketing Services is not only done through internet but through other modes like mobile, display marketing, etc.

DM uses different kind of constituents to help you reach every corner of the world. Some of the constituents are search engine optimization, e-mail marketing, content marketing, search engine marketing, social media marketing, e-commerce, social media optimization, Google AdWords (pay per click)etc.

About Digital Prashant (Digital Marketing Services):

We provide you with all of the above-mentioned services at a very low price with high-quality work. At present we are giving the best of our assistance to various companies like The Trained Nurses Association of India, Perfect Book Distributor, Panditjibooking.in, Birthday decoration.in , astroremedy.com, Birthday Party Planner.in, etc.

Services Offered:

Digital Prashant

Website Designing: As the trend of marketing is changing, we are aware that everything is now online today, hence to have a good website is one of the essential parts of the business to keep people informed and to create an identity of oneself among lakhs of internet users. And at this point, Digital Prashant serves you with a world-class website with a domain name and one year hosting at just Rs. 9999/- with 5 pages designing, and complete website setup.



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SEO (Search Engine Optimization): SEO is a kind of process in which we increase your website’s ranking in search engine results pages to pay per click listings without investing anything in it. This service makes your website grow its omnipresence in an organic and natural way as for any business it is one of the important parts. In digital marketing, SEO is also a vital process and helps you keep your website on the top rank of the search engine. Through Digital Prashant you can do SEO for your website at the very effective price.


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SEM/PPC (Search Engine Marketing or Pay Per Click): In addition to SEO, SEM is another way to internet marketing that involves the promotion of websites by increasing their visibility in search engine results pages primarily through paid advertising. For this, we need to pay a certain amount to Google in return to which Google puts your website on the first page listing (according to the bid) while search result is done. SEM helps us to increase the visibility of our product and services without site optimization or even without having any website.


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SMM (Social Media Marketing): SMM is the most important part of Digital Marketing. Nowadays crores of internet users are daily active on social media, therefore to promote your product and service on social media is a great and effective platform. The most famous social media channels are Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.



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E-mail-Marketing – E-mail Marketing is the best way to connect with your customer without any physical method like post or courier. Through E-mail marketing, we are always in contact with our customers and within a few seconds of time, we are able to promote our product to lakhs of people around the world. As with all other constituents, e-mail marketing is also the vital part of digital marketing. E-mail marketing gives us the benefit of filtering the potential customers among lakh other customers.


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Mobile Marketing: Only in India 25 crore users use smartphones daily with the internet. Therefore mobile marketing gives you the best opportunity for the sale of your product, services directly to the customers through SMS, MMS, Gif, Ad videos, etc. Mobile marketing is also crucial because 68% of people these days use their smartphone to see their mail, 48% people use google as a searching tool or 95%  student study or search content on their smartphone, and 56% businessman use their smartphone for B2B communication.


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Blogs: Blogs helps you through digital marketing by writing about your product or service. To share your thoughts, experiences, and opinions about anything or to publish an article about your product or services on the internet regularly on your website is known as the blog. For the promotion of any website or to increase your business, a blog is an influential tool of digital marketing. Blogs give us a way to earn money and these days many bloggers earn a good amount of money. Blogs keep a stable pace in maintaining the website. For a good website, good blogs are important.


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Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate marketing is a form of marketing in which a person’s or company’s product is given to others to promote it through their website via e-mail, SMS, display marketing, video marketing, etc. Marketing of other’s goods and services on your website helps you make extra money (commission). Lots of people earn money through this way of online promotion.



Digital Prashant

Content Marketing: Content marketing is the king of digital marketing. It is a way of marketing focused on creating, publishing and distributing content for a targeted audience online. Content marketing helps to expand their customer base, attract attention and increase brand awareness. Thus you get the opportunity and benefit of growing your business more and more.



So, friends, there are many more other digital marketing tools including all of the above to grow your business or to increase sales of your product 55% more than the normal marketing.

I would like you to introduce myself – I am a certified Digital Marketing Expert with 6 years of work experience gained through working with different companies. I am a freelancer thus I only charge the reasonable prices for my services which are very cheaper than any other digital marketing Services company. My services are as follows:

  • Website Development starting at Rs. 4999/-
  • E-Commerce website at Rs. 9999/-
  • Complete Business Solutions(Website, SEO, PPC, etc) at Rs. 18999/-

In addition to the above services, if any person who is interested in learning Digital Marketing or wants to get trained for growing their business can avail the service at Rs. 29999/- and you also get to create a website for free. Any MBA Student, Businessman or any Housemistresses can earn up to 40 – 50K by working as a freelancer while sitting at home also.

So friends subscribe to Digital Marketing Services by  Digital Prashant and take one step ahead in growing your business or career. Make your Unique identity among lakhs of people around the globe.